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Spring mattress maintenance good method
    Mattress is closely related with our life, also the mattress and our health also has a great relationship, quality mattresses, can help in our sleep, let our energy more abundant. Spring mattress is one of the mattress is in China is very popular, our company as a professional spring mattress manufacturer, for the spring mattress, very understanding, also experienced, help you understand more knowledge spring mattress, following by the spring mattress manufacturer teach you a method of maintaining a spring mattress.
    The first year for a new mattress on a spring mattress used, every two months to angle conversion or up, down, left and right turning, again spring mattress can force evenly, then every six months to turn it once. In addition in the use of the spring mattress, due to the mattress of the four corners is fragile, so try to avoid sitting on the edge of the bed, long at the edge of the bed sitting and lying, will cause damage to the spring, and try not to in bed hopping, avoid spring mattress damage due to excessive force. Finally because in order to make the mattress ventilation performance is good, therefore in design mattress mattress at the periphery will save a vent, and in order not to vent blocked. Therefore, sheets in use don't tense, so as to avoid the mattress air can not flow, the breeding of germs. Above is the method to maintain the spring mattress, hope can help you better use the spring mattress.
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